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Aspiring member organisations

Aspiring members do not yet meet the condition of membership, usually because they have only recently begun trading. However they have provided evidence that they are legitmate businesses and committed to meeting our standards. Their owners have been interviewed as part of our screening process and YOG feels they demonstrate the motivation and competence to give them every chance of creating successful businesses and great experiences for the public.

Year Out Group will be working with these business with a view to them attaining full membership in the future. Please remember to use our questions to ask organisations check list if you decide to enquire with them or indeed any organisation whether they are a member or not.

As with all our full members, Year Out Group cannot provide any guarantee of organisation particulars. See About Us.

Aspiring Members 2016

Tru Experience Travel (based in UK)

Tru Experience Travel provides you with the opportunity to get involved through gap year volunteer programs,internships, gap year travel and work experience from 2 weeks up to one year. We also offer you road trips and other exciting adventures to ensure you have a complete and satisfying real-life gap year travel experience abroad.†

Give a Fig Volunteering (based in Sri Lanka)

Give a Fig Volunteering offer managed internships, volunteering, university sandwich year placements, lifestyle, craft & professional courses in Sri Lanka.