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What employers say

Skills gained on a well-structured gap year are much in demand from employers. These include fundraising, working in teams, risk management, thinking under pressure and the international perspective gained by working in another culture. But perhaps the greatest benefit is the increase in confidence that comes from tackling a major challenge and succeeding.

City firms such as Deloittes and Slaughter & May welcome applications from graduates who have a wide range of experiences, including a productive gap year. Our aim is to guide would-be gappers to make the best choices possible. Year out group's member organisations are highly experienced specialists in their field, offering well structured programmes that will deliver skills that are highly valued in the very competitive graduate jobs market.

With many employers keen to hire graduates who have gained experience on a gap year, it is essential to use this valuable time wisely, plan the year carefully and pick up useful skills for later life.

When talking about these experiences, strong candidates bring out several factors. Firstly, they show this was a deliberate choice, not something they drifted into. They talk about the complicated planning and people skills required to make the break happen. They relate what they learnt from the experience and how it changed them.

Finally, they talk about how this time away from work has reshaped their attitude to the job, by showing how they have  a whole new range of qualities to bring to the workplace.

A career break or gap year should also demonstrate confidence and an ability to make things happen, often through good planning and negotiation skills, and will often be a good way of showing you can improvise solutions under pressure and on a shoestring budget.

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