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Lattitude Global Volunteering - Aaron's Argentina Story

I have been working for Lattitude since January 2015 supporting UK volunteers in their pre-departure preparations from our UK office in Reading. This year I had the opportunity to come to Argentina and work with the in-country team and current volunteers. Iím also helping to open up our programmes to the Argentine youth so they can go on placements in the UK or New Zealand.

I do a part-time placement at one of our schools in Buenos Aires and like other volunteers I stay with an Argentine host family. For me this is a fantastic opportunity and is one of the many great things about volunteering. Like most people I have met here, they have been fantastic, always happy to give me help and advice on matters such as where to go in the City or how to order a pizza.

Another great thing about volunteering in Argentina is the opportunity to learn Spanish. You donít need to understand or speak any Spanish for most of our programmes-just one actually, so donít be worried. I will admit to using duolingo the month before I came but that was it! Although you donít practice Spanish while you work (you are assisting the children with their English), I have found everyone wants to help you learn and they love to hear you try whether that be during your breaks in the staff room or with your host family.

You get every Friday afternoon off work and this gives you a good opportunity to travel the country. Mendoza, Iguazu Falls, Patagonia, I could go on! The country is vast with mountains in the west and flat planes surrounding Buenos Aires and travelling is a good way to meet up with other volunteers and share your experiences.

Volunteering helps you learn to be much more independent, combined with the fantastic opportunity to be totally immersed in another culture. All the while you have the safety net of the in-country staff to call on for support if needed.

So, what are you waiting for?