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Greenforce - Marine Conservation Project in the Bahamas

Greenforce divers in the Bahamas

"In 2011 I arrived at Stony Cove in the Bahamas. To even begin to tell you everything that happened while we were there would take up far too much space, so I'll try and keep it to the best bits.

The first impressions of the place were breathtaking, a white sandy beach, not another person on the beach for miles in both directions and the people who I stayed with, well, I don't think there could be a better group of people in the entire world. Through the whole trip everyone looked out for everyone else and there wasn't even one argument.

Now down to business, to do the surveys that we needed to do we had to learn a vast amount of fish which wasn't easy, but the staff members there made sure that it was fun, they broke it down, made up little anecdotes to help us remember and sure enough I could probably still identify around 200 fish for you even now. When we knew what we were doing everyone was trained up so we could scuba dive and sent off to do our identification work. If the views on land were breathtaking then there isn't a word to describe how amazing it was underwater.

Fear not, it wasn't all "work", the members of staff made sure that we always had fun things to do like visiting the Blue Hole, arranging treasure hunts on rainy days and even taking us on one or two Shark Dives. Coming nose to nose with a shark isn't everyone's cut of tea but who else in the world can say they have done that?

The one thing that I hated most about this trip was having to say goodbye to all my friends at the end, if I had it my way I would still be there right now with the rest of April Phase 2011."

Stewart Hawthorn placement was arranged with Greenforce.

Bahamas Greenforce Video :

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