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Salsa, Tango and Spanish Lessons in Argentina

Sarah Payne Baader learns the tango in ArgentinaMy placement in Buenos Aires was absolutely the best I could have imagined. I chose to attend Salsa, Tango and Spanish classes for two weeks. Although I arrived by myself I was introduced to other Traveller's volunteers and was put in a room with some of them and we immediately made friends. The ladies running the programs in BA were both the loveliest, most helpful people. They were always there to help us with anything that went wrong or just to go out for nice dinners!

Both my dance teachers picked me up at my hostel for my first salsa and tango lessons to go to the respective studios where my lessons would be held 3 times a week (one of which was a huge mirrored room in one of Buenos Aires' best salsa clubs to my delight!) The teachers were all fantastic, patient, friendly and helpful about filling me in on everything about BA and I learnt incredible amounts in such a short time. If I did it again, I would do it exactly the same way ... except for twice as long!!

A fantastic experience overall and one I will never forget!

Sarah Payne-Baader placement in Buenos Aires, Argentina was arranged with Travellers.