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Amazon jungle conservation in Peru

Beth Heasman in Peru with PoDI had the best time in the world in Peru and met so many interesting and lovely people and learned loads! It was quite overwhelming actually, in a really good way- I still can't stop thinking about it! I would love to go back, but I think it won't be for a few years, as I am about to become a student with a lot of debt! I hope everything goes well for PoD, and thank you again.

I don't really know where to start! Going to Peru through PoD was definitely the best experience I have ever had; it was quite overwhelming, in a really good way. I learned so much, not only about ecology, environmental issues, but also about the culture and languages of the area and how people live and work in different places. What really struck me, though, was the idea that there is so much in the world to see and learn, and that actually the more you learn, for example about nature, the more you realise how amazingly complicated everything is!

Beth Heasman explores the Peruvian jungleHowever, I think that one of the main things that I have taken from this experience is meeting so many really interesting and friendly people- those who work at the Jungle Centre, the other volunteers, the people who live in Salvacion... There were so many times when my face hurt from smiling, or I couldn't speak for laughing or I had that really satisfying feeling of being so completely exhausted after a hard day's work followed by and intense game of football!

The experience has really inspired me to work hard at university so I can maybe have some sort of environmental job in the future, and I would definitely like to return to Peru one day to visit the people and places I got to know whilst volunteering with PoD and see some more of this wonderful country.

Beth and fellow volunteers listen and learn in Peru

Beth Heasman's placement in Peru was arranged through PoD.