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With Art History Abroad in Italy

I am normally a pretty unemotional person, neither the end of Rose and Jack in Titanic nor the end of my school leaver's ball made me cry, yet I was in absolute floods of tears whilst leaving the Art History Abroad (AHA) group behind at Rome train station (leaving the group early as was needed back in England).  This flood of crying disturbingly continued on the bus...then plane... then car...literally all the way home - this is no exaggeration! The meaning of this indicates what the course, people and general culture of Italy does to you in that time.

Enjoying VeniceWhen signing up to AHA I thought it would be a great couple of weeks looking at some first-rate art, however I didn't realise that I would make such good friends and have such an incredible amount of fun in the time given.  I actually loved every minute of the time I was there, never was there a moment when I wanted to be elsewhere - I still can't stop thinking about it now, even though two weeks have passed.  It is hard to explain to anyone who hasn't been on it what a great experience it is - it went way beyond what I expected, and further.

The tutors were incredible - Annabel, Luke and Helen, all bursting with information and energy, teaching us in such an entertaining but educative manner.  They brought alive all of the art to you with their never-ending enthusiasm for art history.  They were all amazing fun, coming out with us at night, joining in with everything.  To us they were seen more as friends, rather than any type of domineering grownup, and I think this is what made the group such a cohesive whole throughout Venice, Florence and Rome.

The amount of art, sculpture and architecture that you get to see is flabbergasting in the time available.  I loved seeing all of the classics such as Michelangelo's David, but also some modern stuff such as Peggy Guggenheim's collection in Venice.  I find you can only really appreciate art if you know something about the work itself, historical context or context of painter/sculptor/architect - it is therefore great to have the tutors on hand to tell you everything that you need to know.

I have been studying History of Art for the last two years at A level and even though I have fallen in love with the subject, the difference between a slide on the classroom wall to having the piece of art standing in front of you doesn't even compare.  I therefore urge anyone who is contemplating going on the course, take the chance; you will get so much out of it and more.  To me it was worth every single penny, actually a lot more.  I have a ridiculous amount of good, funny and unforgettable memories of the experience, all I want to do is go back and re-live it.

AHA is truly a fantastic company which gave me an experience that I will never forget, an amazing bunch of friends and a great deal more knowledge than originally set out, and I am and always will be eternally grateful for it.

A M-H - 09 Summer Course