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La Dolce Vite in Italy

I have an Italian background but I had little knowledge of the language. I was looking forward to the linguistic challenge, but was very nervous and excited. Definitely felt better prepared for the experience after talking to the CESA staff.

Stef in FlorenceHaving lessons solidly in Italian was the real challenge - but it made learning the language easier. I found the lessons fantastic, all the staff were lovely and helped as much as they could when you couldn't understand something. The school was really good and the location was so convenient, right in the centre of Florence.

Florence is a buzzing, small, safe town with an amazing culture and architecture. In free afternoons I loved visiting the galleries and museums. I made some great friends and it was brilliant to be able to travel around Italy and share the experiences with so many great people. We had something of a chocolate-thing going on, as the photos We had a chocolate thing goingsuggest. Italians take chocolate very seriously, which I completely understand!

I found CESA Languages very reliable and helpful andrecommend them to you! I just hope I get the chance to do it all again!!

Stefania spent 24 weeks in Florence from September 2008 to March 2009 studying Italian on a program arranged by CESA Languages Abroad

Getting the best of France

Cycling to Palavas BeachGoing to Montpellier to study French was easily one of the best experiences of my life. I had always wanted to improve my language skills and going to Montpellier allowed me to finally do it! In just six weeks I went from very basic conversational skills to being able to converse freely, express my opinion, use different tenses and make jokes and laugh with my friends! Just being in France makes the world of difference as you constantly have the opportunity to put into practice the things you learn in class.

The teachers at the school were great, they taught at a steady rate meaning that you are constantly learning but never going too fast. The school organises a lot of trips and there's so much to do in Meg's friends busking in MontpellierMontpellier that you can never get bored. The best thing about going to France was the friends I made - I now have friends for life in countries around the world - and we all speak French to each other!

Meg's placement in France was arranged with CESA Languages Abroad