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Ozforce: Two Stories of Work and Travel in Australia

Ozforce - Taking a break on Frazier Island"I just returned from Australia a couple weeks ago. I had an amazing time. Ashley and I had the opportunity to travel to the Great Barrier Reef, New Zealand and Hawaii before returning home. It took us a month but it was a great trip!

I also wanted to provide some feedback about the Ozforce program. The program was very helpful in helping me set up my bank account, sign me up for job support and providing me guidance in Sydney when I first arrived.  I would recommend Ozforce to anyone that wants assistance in Australia because it definitely helped me start off.

The program was also very good because I met people that were in the same situation and that helped with support. I am still friends with most of my arrival group."  Anne


‘I have recently returned from a short stint in Australia. I arrived in September to be greeted by the rep of OzForce, at the time Bec. She was so helpful and was always there when we needed here. The first two weeks she introduced us into Sydney life and showed us the ropes. Without her guidance I don't think my friend and I would have had such a good time during our four months over there. Having known people who tried to go about doing it themselves it seemed a lot easier with OzForce. Through OzForce I met some awesome people who I actually ended up living with in Bondi and travelling with in Australia. Bec helped me throughout my time in Australia and I was always in contact with her, as were the boys I was with, when travelling letting her know my next stop and my plans.

Don't travel if you're not prepared and not willing to walk around for a few hours a day handing out CV's and putting yourself out there in the job market since there is only so much the rep can do for you. I found that the people that had the best time went with an open mind, had fun, were willing to meet new people and didn't take it too seriously. I did quite well and landed myself a cafe job right on the beach which was amazing (not the greatest pay but they did serve amazing food and fed me well!).

I met some incredible people through my trip to Australia and my OzForce experience. If I was to do it all over again I wouldn't change a thing!!

Thanks again,  Nick"

Anne and Nick's trips to Australia and support while they were there were arranged with

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