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Volunteering with rescued elephants and animals

Beth volunteered at the Thailand Elephant Care & Wildlife Rescue Centre.

Beth with rescued elephant on her gap year placement in Thailand with PoD"My time in Thailand at the Wildlife Rescue Centre was the best experience of my life. Everything from my pre-departure contact with PoD, through to my time while I was at the centre was really well organised. The centre is such an amazing place and I was so sad to leave after my 10 weeks there. I met some amazing people, from the staff who work there permanently to the many volunteers who work at the centre. I would definitely love to go back there someday, and I'd like to thank PoD for their help in getting me there in the first place.

Typical day:

Wake up about 6am to start work at 6.30am, depending on which job you were on for the day this would involve preparing food and feeding the animals as well as some cleaning of enclosures. Breakfast would then be from 8am till 9am. At 9am we'd start work again and would normally be a special project which could be a bear pool scrub or water rounds for the primates. 12pm till 1pm was lunchtime. The afternoon would then involve more cleaning of enclosures, water rounds and food preparation and feeding the animals. The day usually finished between 4.30pm to 5.30pm. There were 3 main animal groups you could work on; primates, bears and other wildlife and the day would be different depending what animals you were working with that day. We usually worked in groups of 2 volunteers on each job. For the first few days on a job you would be partnered with an experienced volunteer, but before long you would be leading a job yourself.

Most rewarding part of the project:

Hearing some of the horrendous stories that some of the animals have been through before Most jobs were done in pairs. Beth with fellow volunteers at the elephant sanctuary in Thailand. they arrived at the centre, but knowing that you are helping care for these animals and helping to give them a better and happier life at the centre. Also the sense of satisfaction after completing a job such as a harvest we did for the elephants that was very hard work but really satisfying to complete.

Most challenging part of the project:

The heat and the ants!!

What advice would you give to others considering doing this project?

Do it!! It will be one of the best things you do. The centre is such an amazing place where you will meet some fantastic people from all over the world. Go with an open mind and a willingness to work hard, get very dirty and just get stuck in to the jobs your given!

Why do you think others should volunteer abroad?

Volunteering abroad is so rewarding, helping out with a cause that you are passionate about. It also allows you to see some amazing places out there in the world, but knowing you are giving something back to that country you are visiting.

Why did you chose PoD and would you recommend them to others?

I found PoD through an internet search and the value for money was much better than a lot of other companies I found. PoD were extremely helpful with all my pre-departure information and any questions I had before I left, but they also kept in contact with me while I was away and once I got back as well. I would definitely recommend PoD to others considering volunteering abroad.

Thank you PoD for helping me have the experience of a lifetime!"

Beth volunteered in Thailand with PoD

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Adam Boatman

I MUST have this kind of experience! I am sooo passionate about elephants and never have even had the opportunity to be around one. I cannot think of anything in life that would make me happier than being able spend my time looking after the most amazing creature to walk the earth! If it were up to me I would walk out of work and get on a plane right now. I will be looking into this and I hope so very much to be able to have the same experience. I envy you Beth for being able to partake in such a wonderful life experience. Sincerely, Adam
Comment made: Tuesday 12th November 2013

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