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Summer Camp, Thailand during University Summer Vacation

Stephanie Davis with pupils on her summer camp in Thailand arranged with PoDThe Summer Camp in Thailand was the highlight of my university holidays. I met some really lovely people and had an amazing time teaching in all three of the schools. I particularly enjoyed the 2nd school as the kids had great energy and were very enthusiastic. The Thai home stay was also another favourite part of the programme. The family was extremely generous and it was great to visit an area of Thailand where there are very few Westerners. I would recommend a PoD placement to anyone. It was good value for money and well organized. The PoD team was very helpful from the UK and when in Thailand. There was a good balance between teaching, socializing and sight seeing. Overall the programme helped me to become more confident in myself and prepared me for future travels on my own!

Wake up at 7am (if you want to breakfast!) to be ready for 7.45am to Stephanie Davis and colleague superviser summer camp activities in Thailandleave for the school. Teaching began at 8.30am where we would teach 4 groups for approximately 25 minutes. At 11.30am there would be a lunch break. Lunch was provided by the school who fed us very well! We would begin teaching for the afternoon at 12.30 and would finish at 2.30pm. The teaching would always fly by! In the afternoon we had free time so usually we would go to the beach or relax by the pool. If it is raining, there is always the option of going for a massage (I recommend not getting a Thai massage...its painful!). The PoD group would usually meet for dinner around 7.30pm. If we had a free day the next day then we would go for a night out but if not then we would have a movie night at the resort. Non-teaching days were a bit different...we did a snorkelling trip, a cooking class and rented a jeep and toured around Koh Phangan.

Stephanie and colleague on a cultural visit in ThailandIt is very rewarding and great way to meet new people. It helps you to grow as an individual too.

I chose PoD because the programme they offered suited me perfectly. I wanted to do some volunteering but I also wanted to do some travelling on my own. As I could only afford to be away for a month, 2 weeks of volunteering with PoD and 2 weeks of travelling seemed like a good balance. I also felt the programme was very good value for money. I would definitely recommend PoD to others.

Stephanie Davis's English Summer Camp in Thailand was arranged with PoD