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At Travellers they like making friends!

Especially with like minded people who are doing wonderful things around the world. One such friend is The Abraham Foundation - an inspiring organisation based in New York. The Foundation's aim is to discover, develop and support grass root conservation initiatives. They have successfully been doing so for years! This organisation assists small and worthwhile conservation projects around the world in getting their feet off the ground. This assistance includes helping form supportive alliances between grass root organisations and useful partners enabling them to carry on with their crucial work.

Travellers volunteers and weekly donations are helping an important elephant conservation project in ThailandTravellers has been friends with the Abraham Foundation for years and are delighted to have been introduced by them to the fantastic Surin Elephant Project in Thailand. Travellers Worldwide now works in partnership with this project sending a weekly donation, as well as much needed volunteers, who are invaluable to the project. Travellers donations are helping the elephants directly as the Abraham Foundation explains in this e-mail.

"Dear Travellers Team

I hope all is well. Here in New York it is hot like Thailand! I will keep this email very short. I simply wanted to send you a picture of two elephants, Mem and Imboon, bathing in the enclosure which is now complete. Alex says they are all enjoying the enclosure tremendously. As you can imagine, the enclosure has meant a tremendous improvement of their lives. Because Travellers is largely responsible for the construction of this enclosure, I thought you would like to see the fruits of your labor.

As always with gratitude, Abraham Foundation"

Mem & Imboon in the elephant enclosure in Thailand built largely with the help of Travellers' volunteers

Ellie, a Travellers volunteer, offers a personal perspective in this e-mail back to Travellers Head Office


Now I've got a few spare minutes I'm able to sit down and getthismessage out to you. In one word; Fantastic! From the moment we were met by Glenn at the airport in Bangkok to right now, about half way through our project... we've been very well looked after and have had an amazing time. Glenn was fantastic, ready and waiting for us, took care of our travel arrangements to get to the hotel, then from the hotel to our meeting point on Monday morning. Not only was he very informative, but really friendly too. Great, great guy

The hotel we stayed in in Bangkok was just what we needed, huge beds, friendly staff and air conditioning.

Upon arriving in Surin, the experience hasn't stopped. From our cute little house up on stilts, with a fridge, fan, mosquito screen and a hammock downstairs. to the showers and toilets, which are pretty basic but they're all we need, you've got no complaints from me.

As for the staff, Pum and Alex plus the mahouts, we could not have asked for anything more. They are so friendly, full of information, and always up for a laugh or a water fight! They are doing amazing work here, and I feel privileged to be taking part in it.

We've been lucky enough to be in Thailand for their New Year celebrations... so much fun: a three-day-long water fight, which the elephants have enjoyed as well.

Which brings me to the main event! The elephant work has been hot, sometimes tough, Travellers' Volunteers with the elephants at the Surin sanctuary in Thailand.completely unique and dirty. I have loved every minute of it. From just walking out onto our balcony each morning and being surrounded by them, getting up close and personal with a few of the more friendly ones, getting to feed them, walk with them, provide infrastructure for their future and washing them in the river. We've learned a lot from Alex about the situation we have in front of us here, and why we're taking this method to fix it. I have so much respect for him and his team here....."

For more information on the Elephant Sanctuary Project in Thailand

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