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Volunteering Helps Student to Medical School

Higher competition, due to limited places means that many young people will miss out on a chance to go to university.  Youth development charity Lattitude Global Volunteering has found that many young people decide to volunteer overseas after their A Levels, in order to enhance their chances of further education.

Student Cassim Akhoon, 19, from London did not pass the interview stage of his application for Medical School so he took a year out to volunteer at a Red Cross hospital in Japan, with Lattitude Global Volunteering.

Lattitude volunteer Cassim Akhoon assisting in Red Cross hospital in Japan"During my first medical school interview I was shaking and extremely nervous.  My knowledge was definitely inadequate and I was not equipped to present myself as a potential medical student" explains Cassim.  "But on my Lattitude placement, as I learnt more Japanese, the Director of the hospital allowed me to work in the emergency room, where I gained a valuable amount of hands on medical experience that I knew would help me to get into medical school."

Cassim is now studying at King's College London School of Medicine; something he feels he could not have achieved without the support of Lattitude.

"I returned to the interview after my Lattitude Global Volunteering placement as a new person; a potential doctor.  As a result, I passed the extremely competitive interview and am currently studying medicine at King's College".

Due to his financial situation, Cassim, from London, would never have Lattitude volunteer Cassim Akhoon with medical staff in Japanhad the opportunity to volunteer overseas without the support from Lattitude Global Volunteering.  The not for profit charity organisation offers funding and bursaries to those who would struggle to pay the fees required to volunteer overseas.  The charity granted Cassim a bursary, which funded his placement in Japan and led him on the path to becoming a Doctor.  "Upon completing my medical degree, I aim to become a successful doctor" adds Cassim.   "This was made possible thanks to the bursary from Lattitude and the experience I gained through my volunteering placement, which gave me confidence, independence and medical knowledge".

Lattitude volunteer Cassim Akhoon in JapanCassim not only gained a lot of medical knowledge during his year out, but also learnt a lot about the Japanese culture.  "Japan offers a lot to people with a keen desire to immerse themselves in a different culture.  I climbed to the summit of Mount Fuji, tasted food I never thought I'd eat and learnt to speak, read and work in a language I never thought I would learn!" explains Cassim.  "I was humbled by the respect shown to me and my fellow volunteers at the hospital and will always cherish the memories from this opportunity."

Cassim Akhoon's placement in Japan was arranged with Lattitude Global Volunteering.