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Volunteering with AV was the start of bigger things…


Ray Berry with a couple of his students in Bombo Town, UgandaFor many of Africa & Asia Venture's (AV) volunteers their time on project is often the start of something much bigger, igniting a spark of inspiration to get involved further - whether it be returning to their school time and time again, starting their own charity or becoming involved with charities already working in the area. We caught up with Uganda 2010 AV Ray Berry who told us what a big impact his time on AV has had on his life and future career path...

"When I decided to go away with AV for my gap year, I thought it would be a gap year to remember. Little did I know how much it would affect my life. Almost two years down the line and I am now on the board of Directors for a children's home in Uganda. I knew, as soon as I got out there in my placement with the school that I wanted to extend my trip past the three months I was doing with AV. They were the perfect introduction in to not only an entirely different culture and experience but in to an entirely different life plan. I soon realised on my trip that charity work is what I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing. I had never considered it before, but the gratification and satisfaction you get upon helping others is incomparable to any other form of work.

My children's home, called "Elohim," is situated in Bombo Town, just thirty minutes north of Ray Berry learns the drums with boys from his children's home in Bombo Town, UgandaKampala, is now my life's work and I can not thank AV enough for supporting me along this career path. We now care for seventeen children on site and over twenty in the community, getting them back in to schools feeding and clothing them and sorting out all medication if needs be. I could not be prouder of the children we look after and could not be happier to have discovered these children of Uganda through AV. If I had not taken that trip, I don't know where I would be today. AV opened my eyes to an entirely unconsidered career path, one that led straight to the children of Elohim and to a brighter future to both them and myself."

We think this just goes to show that, whilst volunteers can have a positive impact in their relatively short time on project there is also a longer lasting legacy and benefit in those who are inspired to do more and continue their involvement, or look to careers in international development and working for NGOs.

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Children in Uganda love to show off their skills on the dance floor


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i want to be volanteer to make good things for childreen i have language french language because i enjoy your idea thats all
Comment made: Thursday 10th November 2011


hello keep up with the great work
Comment made: Wednesday 26th March 2014

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