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Stephanie Hawkins- Teaching in rural Tanzania

Stephanie makes high fives with the children in the village"The three months in Tanzania was some of the best months of my life, I will never forget Yamba and Milingano and all the villagers and children I met there! I cannot wait to go back at some point. It is so amazing to live in such a beautiful remote location, and you feel like you really are making a difference, and you make really close bonds with your fellow volunteers as you experience it all together - the joy of arriving, working out all your classes together, supporting each other, playing with the children, and the sadness of leaving! A truly amazing experience!

On a typical day I would wake early for breakfast which the house girls would have prepared, then go to school to teach my classes, sometimes popping back to my house in-between to keep planning or have a break in-between. Then after school i would usually spend time around the house playing with the children and doing some lesson planning for the week. Then dinner with all the volunteers in the evening, before this we would be playing games with them outside the main house, then the evenings were spend with fellow volunteers sharing stories of the day!

I found the actual teaching aspects and time I spent with the local people the most rewarding, it Stephanie found the teaching was really rewardingwas amazing when they really began to grasp what you were teaching and so them enjoying classes was such a great feeling, especially when they would write out the whole blackboard several times just so they could get it all right and get lots of ticks! but the close contact and living in the village alongside the local people, being invited into their homes and seeing how they live and seeing their hospitality was very special.

It was a challenging environment to live in, being so isolated, but it was challenging in a good way to live without modern amenities for a while.

I would advise future volunteers to go with lots of patience and be open to all the experiences it can offer. It's Africa, so things rarely run smoothly or to a set timetable, things will go wrong, but if you just enjoy living and working in the village, soak it all up it's just amazing!

I chose POD because I liked the program they offered in Africa, it was 3 months long which was a minimum which really appealed because it is a good amount of time when you can make more of a difference! Plus it was a remote location which I wanted. My dealings with the POD team especially Gemma was really excellent, I had emails keeping me updated and she was lovely to speak to about the trip which see had actually been on herself which I though was great because she could really advise about it! POD has been very efficient and were fantastic to deal with."

Enjoy living in the village and being with the children and the people

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wel i think eaglesvale must join them beucase they have proved they have the best choir which is winning the zimbabwe schools choir championships annually,they also have an athletics team which contains good runners, example tinashe mutanga who is the fastest boy in 100metres in zimbabwe, before u do this voting first look at what the school is doing and what they are archieving, i think vale must be in thd top ten
Comment made: Thursday 10th May 2012

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