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South African Horse Rehabilitaion in South Africa with

Hannah chose to spend her first time travelling alone helping one of her favourite animals; horses by volunteering at our Horse Rehabilitation project in South Africa with PoD.

Riding on the beach. Horse rehabilitation program in South Africa with PoD"A fantastic experience, so much so I changed my flight and stayed longer!

It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Georgie, Penny and Ash have been so welcoming and helpful; they are also a right laugh! The work the guys do here is incredible, not only with the horses but the various other animals also, (a baby lamb was born on my second morning-so cute!) they work so hard for all the animals and the project is amazing; I will be encouraging more people to come over and help out! The horses are gorgeous and so loved, I have been given a project of working with Bubbles so I hope I can be of some use.

The most remarkable experience of my life! The fact I extended my stay and still felt it wasn't long enough says it all. The work done at the Rehabilitation Centre is truly fantastic and when you see it first hand and get to contribute also, it is truly life-changing. Georgie, Penny and Asha became my surrogate family during my time on the project, plus 40 gorgeous horses, 5 donkeys, 8 dogs, numerous cats, sheep, geese, chickens, peacocks and a very chatty parrot (most of whom have been saved in some way by the magic of the centre!) An experienced horseperson (which believe me, I'm not), a total novice, or anywhere in between, I would 100% encourage anyone who is even slightly thinking of this to go ahead and do it, because when you watch the light slowly appear in the eyes of a horse who arrived with no light or spirit left in them, there is nothing more rewarding.

No two days at the farm are the same! However, a typical day would consist of getting up and One of the horses in the Rehab Centre ready for a ridehaving brekky before heading to the feed room to mix feed for the horses at the rehab centre and the working horses and then feeding everyone, making sure they all have water and checking the horses over. If there is a ride going out then volunteers will help get the working horses ready and go along for the most amazing trail ride of their lives. If there is no ride then volunteers can work with their project horses on the farm, work with youngsters, groom oldies, cut bush in the fields, clean tack if it is raining (with a nice cup of cocoa/tea/coffee!) the choice of things to do is endless, but each and every single task is so much fun!

The most rewarding part was being the first volunteer to get on my project horse, Bubbles. The part I found most challenging was leaving.

The advice I would give to anyone thinking about doing this placement is: Do it! This placement will change your life, I cannot wait to return.

PoD was recommended to me by people who had volunteered in Thailand on a teaching placement with PoD. I will definitely recommend you to others. I would like to say that Erin did a fantastic job from the minute a booked the project in terms of information and getting me in contact with the project etc, I flew out to South Africa with no worries whatsoever, I received emails whilst out there to check I was enjoying etc, and this care continues well after landing! Thank you"

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