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Ski le Gap - Entrepreneurs in the making

Michael Palfreeman and Elizabeth Hurst met on a Ski le Gap course as part of their gap year. They have remained best friends ever since, even launching a street food business after being inspired  by the local dish ‘Poutine’ whilst on their skiing course.


Why Ski le Gap?

Ski le Gap had been recommended to us by friends who said they had had a fantastic experience, with amazing ski tuition from the best instructors. We were also attracted to it being in Canada - incredible snow, a new culture and trips to explore new cities.

What did you do?

We did an all-inclusive ski instructors course, which enabled us to gain internationally recognized qualifications and go on to teach. As well as living the mountain life, we had the chance to explore more of Canada with weekend trips to Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec City organized for us. The biggest thing we took away from Ski le Gap was the people we met: living,skiing and socializing with a group of people your own age for 3 months creates friendships that last forever - we're still all very good friends now.