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Pod Volunteer Amy Bowles Elephant Care/Wildlife Rescue

Project page:

I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the Wildlife and Elephant project in Thailand. I went for 2 weeks (all I could get off work) and I honestly wish that I could have stayed longer. I went alone and made lifelong friends from all over the world, and we're currently all planning trips to visit each other!

Life in the centre was fantastic, all the information in the booklet is totally honest and accurate - it's hard work, the living conditions are actually a bit nicer than I prepared myself for but they are basic, and the experience is life changing.

I would, and have recommended this trip to anyone who's not shy of hard work and looking to make memories they'll never forget.

I am already booking my next trip through Pod, and I hope to be able to travel and volunteer all throughout my life because it's the best thing I've ever done.

What was a typical day at the Elephant Care & Wildlife Rescue project?

Wake up at 6, head to the volunteer house and meet the others/team up. Undertake the first task of the day, (eg on Elephants, make banana balls and feed, on wildlife, sweep enclosures and first feed or water round)

Go for breakfast - you make your own and there's bread and eggs, tonnes of fresh fruit to make what you fancy.

Back to work for the morning, tasks vary from ; (Elephants) - composting and mucking out, showering, mud bath, enrichments, going for a walk. (Wildlife) - cage clean out, scrubbing pools, feeding or enrichments, water rounds, food prep

Go for lunch in the dining area, food is provided and it's quite good, although the meals do get repetitive (This isn't a problem as there's an insanely delicious and cheap restaurant in the village and a 7/11 shop where you can get something different if you get bored)

Back to work, same tasks as before (the day layout totally changes from elephant/animal group)

Afternoon Break - Back to work!

Usually finish anywhere from - 3-5.30pm depending on what you're on/how many are on your team. Dinner Served at 6.30pm. Evening to socialise, then an early night to do it all again!!!

What did you find most rewarding?

Working alongside the Elephants and Wildlife and getting to see them behaving naturally

What did you find most challenging?

Working in the heat is very physically demanding, you do need to be physically fit and remember to keep really hydrated because it's easy to feel ill in that humidity.

What advice would you give others considering doing this placement?

Read the Volunteer Guide thoroughly and make sure you're happy with all the aspects. It is quite basic and it's hard work, so you must want to be there! Also, if you go in a group remember not to stick together too much I travelled alone and met so many amazing people, and some people who came in groups tended not to socialise outside themselves. Just a shame because it's a big part of it, and the people you meet do make the experience!

Why do you think others should volunteer abroad?

It is honestly life changing - the work is rewarding and the memories are just priceless.

Why did you choose Pod Volunteer?

The support and information/advice given was really thorough, and in comparison to other companies I researched, I felt they were the most honest and upfront about each project.

Project page: