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Pennsylvania high school to gap year in Tanzania

Amanda with her class on her gap year teaching placement in Tanzania with PoDAmanda graduated from high school in Pennsylvania in 2010. She spent months searching for the right program and figuring out exactly what she wanted to do and where. She decided to spend 3 months teaching in Tanzania with a charity called Village Africa through the volunteering organisation PoD. "In searching for a good gap year program, I found that a lot of programs were tailored more towards the travel experience than meeting the needs of the placement country. I want my volunteer experience to be focused on others and not indulgent with only a little volunteering" commented Amanda when she found her ideal project teaching English in a primary school in Tanzania.

"When I decided to volunteer during my gap A family collects water in her village in Tanzaniayear, all I knew for sure was that I wanted to teach English somewhere where it would make a tangible difference and I wanted to be supported along the way. I'm so happy I chose to volunteer with Village Africa! At the end of my three months in Milingano I feel like a bird which has just learned to fly. I've done so much I never would have imagined myself capable of. I taught 170 wonderful children; I ran an English choir; I danced around drums; I climbed to the top of a mountain when it felt like I couldn't take another step; I rode a motorcycle; I carried water on my head and I made friends across cultural boundaries.

I was eighteen years and three days old when I set foot in Africa for the first time. I had no idea what to expect and I certainly had my doubts about whether I could do it. Now I can say with confidence that anyone is capable of thriving here as long as they're determined to adjust. It helps that the accommodation is very nice, the food is excellent, Village Africa is very supportive and the people in the villages are the friendliest you're ever likely to encounter.

Believe me, if I can do this, anyone can. Vyaadahikana - it is possible!"

Amanda volunteered in Tanzania with PoD

Milingano Primary School in Tanzania where Amanda taught on her gap year arranged by PoD

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