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Explore your career options whilst travelling- Frontier

Not sure what to study? Explore your career options whilst travelling

Do you feel pressured to start a degree but are not sure what you want to study? Frontierís many volunteer projects offer a great insight into different job fields. Why not try your potential as a teacher with one of our teaching projects whilst helping children from impoverished backgrounds? Or gain knowledge about wild life and marine conservation? Read about the many jobs you have the opportunity to explore as a volunteer one of Frontierís project.

The sport fanatics

Maybe you are one of those people who love sport so much that you are considering a career in it. A great way to learn more about your own skills and limitations is to go abroad and gain first-hand experience. Frontier offers programs that allow volunteers to get involved in sports all over the world. So why not improve your martial arts skills at a Kung Fu Academy in China or spend weeks in the sun teaching football to children in South Africa? But thatís not all. With Frontier you can also become a qualified windsurfer instructor in Australia, or combine sports coaching with teaching in Kenya. In the UK we even offer outdoor instructor training where you can achieve you potential as a climber, paddler, mountain biker or even mountaineer.

Image courtesy of Frontierís Kenya Sports Coaching and Teaching Project in Mombasa

Teaching and childcare work

Ever wondered if you have what it takes to teach in a classroom? Have you always wanted to have an impact on young peopleís lives and learning? With Frontier you can travel to many places in the world and get experience in teaching as well as gaining a TEFL qualification, recognised world-wide. Teach in places like Fiji, Cambodia, China or Cameroon Ė or combine teaching with conservation work in Madagascar. You also have the option of working with childcare in orphanages and local communities all over the world.

Image courtesy of Frontierís Cambodia Teaching Project in Phenom Penh

For the animal-lovers

Animals are fascinating, especially those you get to see in a rain forest. By travelling to places like Costa Rica, you get the chance to work hands on with different species of monkeys and care for injured animals making sure they get the best life possible. Frontierís animal rescue project in Costa Rica is a good way to gain experience and work with animals to find out if this is something you should consider for a career. In Ecuador and South Africa we also offer a veterinary internship for aspiring veterinarians. If you have a passionate love towards elephants you also have the chance to volunteer in an elephant sanctuary in Thailand! Thereís an endless array of opportunities, so check out what Frontier has to offer and get a chance to gain valuable experience before going to university.

Image courtesy of Frontier Madagascar Marine Conservation and Diving Project

Marine and wildlife conservation

Are you curious about marine species and want to discover the deep blue? Do you worry about the future of the worldís species and wish to help improving eco-systems? Ė then Frontier is the perfect place to start your journey. With conservation projects all over the world, we offer a wide range of projects which offers you the opportunity to gain a qualification in marine conservation and diving which will benefit your future career and studies. Why not explore beautiful Madagascar whilst learning about its eco-system and marine habitats whilst diving around the reefs? Or help protect turtleís habitats in Tanzania?

Image courtesy of Frontier Madagascar Marine Conservation and Diving Project

Gain experience in health and medicine

Many people dream about becoming a doctor one day, but there are also many other health related jobs that makes a huge difference to peopleís lives. While many of Frontierís health projects require a degree or work experience, there are still a lot of places you can work if you or are taking a gap year to figure things out before committing to university. Volunteer at an orphanage in Ghana whilst helping out in the local hospital and health centres, or travel to Kenya to gain knowledge about health care and some of the issues people are facing in the developing world today. Work with HIV programmes, complete a healthcare internship, or help out in a rural clinic where people have limited resources.

Explore life as a journalistImage courtesy of Frontier Madagascar Medical Project

In the world of journalism itís all about experience and confidence. If you are to report on stories and write about the world around you, it is vital to have experienced what itís like to live in another country. Gain experience by working at an English newspaper in Fiji or travel to India, a country with cultural and economic extremes and report on the positive impact of environmental initiatives.

Image courtesy of Frontierís Ecuador Projects

Construction work

Building things can be rewarding as you see the fruits of your work straight away. Not all people fancy sitting in an office all day, they want to be active and on the run. If you are one of those people, why not get a taste of the world of construction? Help build a school in Madagascar, go to the Negev desert in Israel and become a part of an eco-construction project or give hope to people in the Brazilian favelas by taking part in community building projects.

Image courtesy of Frontierís Israel Desert Eco-construction project

Safari field guide in the wilderness

Always been a bit of an adventurer? Do you dream of working in the wild alongside animals and stunning nature? Frontier offers the opportunity to gain a FGASA accredited qualification so you can become a real field guide in South Africa Ė Itís entry-level, so no previous experience is needed. Learn how to survive and what the principles are to become an ethical safari guide. If you are not too keen of gaining a qualification you can also go to Botswana on a survival course in the wilderness to get a taste of Africaís amazing nature and wildlife.

Image courtesy of Frontier Botswana Wilderness Survival Course

Inspired? Donít be afraid to seek more information on Frontierís website. Making the right choice before rushing into a course at university is important Ė not just because of the effort it takes to change career later in life, but also due to the high tuition fees. Volunteering gives you the opportunity to get to know yourself better before making the important choices for your future. Just grab the opportunity and enjoy what the world has to offer.

Caroline Edwards is an Online Media intern a Frontier, an international non-profit volunteering NGO. Frontier has over 350 dedicated wildlife, marine, beach conservation and community development projects as well as plenty of inspiring gap year ideas to help make your time out meaningful. For more information and to see all the opportunities available please visit