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An African Bush Adventure with The Leap

Julia Froud (19), South Africa Horse Safari Leaper April 2013

Thank you to everyone at the leap who gave me the opportunity to have some of the best weeks of my life in South Africa. It's almost been a year since I left SA but only yesterday did I share a drink and a laugh with a fellow Leap volunteer, flicking through the pictures and memories I'm confident we'll never forget.

Having never been away from home for anywhere near to 6 weeks, initially, I was worried about spending that long so far away. These worries, however, were forgotten as soon as I arrived at the picturesque Nelspruit airport, meeting all of the lovely people I would be spending my time with under the beautiful South African sun. As the weeks went on, I just couldn't bear the thought of leaving my new home (Kwa Madwala Game reserve) so soon, and after a couple of pleading phone calls home and to leap towers I got my wish to extend for another 2 weeks! The Leap were so accommodating and helpful making the insurance and flight changes easy all the way from Africa. I'm so glad I decided to stay, every week was so action packed that the time just flew, I wasn't ready to leave and I would have stayed for the full 10 weeks if I could have!


I fell in love with everything about South Africa, the wildlife, the scenery, KWA!, friends I know I'll keep forever, and even the bats living in our dorm! Everyday was an adventure and we got to live without limits; bridge swinging and trekking through lagoons to a private Mozambuiquan beach, as well as being so lucky as to wake up to the calls of dozens of birds (which we got taught to identify!) in the heart of the African bush veld. I would go back in a heartbeat, and if you love animals, making new friends, immersing yourself in a new culture and really wanting to make a difference then you will have the time of your life on The Leap!