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A gap year love story

A gap year love story

December 2009: Just thought I'd leave a little message about how much Travellers changed my life! I took a gap year in South Africa back in 2005 and took part in two placements (one in Knysna and one in Port Elizabeth).

Loved both immensely! My first placement was teaching in Knysna where I met a fantastic friend, Katy, who I found out I was going to be studying with the following year, subsequently we ended up living together for three years.

My second placement, working with Lion cubs in Port Elizabeth, was where I met another friend, Abi, who was going to be studying at the same University as me. On a night out Abi and I ran into a couple of locals, Stefan and Charlie, who we befriended and showed us around the city. At the end of my placement I moved in with Stefan and a year later we got engaged. We have been married just under a year now and both Katy and Abi were bridesmaids at our wedding. This December we are heading back to Port Elizabeth to celebrate our anniversary with a group of friends and family a stones throw from the game park I volunteered on during my gap year. Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity that you gave me, I couldn't have imagined it would have turned out how it did! Rae

December 2010: To add to our success story we're now expecting our first baby in the Spring. It's really quite odd to believe that things would be so different if it weren't for my placements in South Africa!

Rachel Helm's placements in South Africa were arranged with Travellers

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