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Summer Camp in Tanzania - A Short Term Placement

Hayley Tam with her Summer Camp class in Tanzaia on a short placement arranged by PoDVolunteering at Yamba Primary School through PoD was an awesome experience. It was important to me to find a short term volunteering project that was valuable to the local community and not just convenient for volunteers. Village Africa is perfect for both short and long term volunteer projects. The village is so welcoming and the children are so keen to learn. It is an amazing experience and a very worthy charity. I would have loved to stay longer, and certainly intend to return to Yamba one day.

What did you find most rewarding?

Teaching the children English. They really were so willing to learn. I receivedHayley Tam with her children in the village in Tanzania on her short term gap year placement arranged with PoD. some amazing feedback from some of the brighter students, including a note from one that they would never forget me and thanked me for teaching them. Even for a short period the children get a lot of inspiration and motivation from volunteer teachers who show them a more interactive way of learning.

Why is it good to volunteer abroad?

Because it really boosts the whole community, even for a short period, to have volunteers come and stay. It also provides income for house girls and watchman while we are there and it shows the teachers and students a more interactive way of learning.

Hayley Tam in the main street of Yamba on Hher gap year placement in Tanzania with PoDWhy PoD Volunteers?

Because PoD offered a short term placement which looked extremely worthwhile. Also the staff at PoD were extremely helpful when I called to discuss not only the placement but also tips for travelling/safari in Tanzania. Yes I definitely would recommend PoD!

Just, thank you! I had a wonderful experience. I do hope to keep in touch with Village Africa and help them with some fundraising.

Hayley Tam volunteered at the Tanzania Summer Camp for 2 weeks while travelling around Tanzania on her summer break. Her placement was arranged through PoD Volunteer