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Just Giving Crowdfunding

Raise funds as you travel and on your return.

You’ve already worked, fundraised and been gifted money to help you pay for your gap experience. So far so good; you’ll have a fantastic time and do great things, bringing back memories and stories to share of you fantastic adventure. But have you ever thought that you could do more? That you could make a difference in some way to a problem, a project or cause that you encounter on your travels?

Sarah did just that with JustGiving Crowdfunding:

“I am a final year Geography student at the University of Manchester. For my dissertation research, I travelled to Uganda to research the supply chain of malaria nets in collaboration with Uganda Village Project, an NGO working in Iganga district.

I'm trying to provide mosquito nets for the children at Wells of Hope Academy, Uganda. This is a boarding school set up for kids whose parents are in prison and were thus overlooked during the recent government operation to distribute free nets to 'the masses'. Because of this, the Academy constantly has at least one child sick with malaria, causing a huge drain on existing resources and reducing quality of life considerably”

You too could help raise more funds for causes that matter to you and you can start whilst you are travelling or when you return home.  In some ways fundraising ‘on the move’ will mean you share what you are experiencing with people back home making it all the more real and immediate.

Year Out Group is working with JustGiving Crowdfunding to help Gap Year participants raise money to make good things happen. You can create your Page and start raising money to fund your cause.

It’s your choice

You can fundraise directly for a project or for particular items that you would like to donate. You could also fundraise for a charity and allow them to decide how the money will be spent. The gap year organisation you travelled with may be a charity or have a charitable foundation. Before you start crowdfunding, chat through your ideas with the organisation you’re planning to support to make sure your campaign will genuinely help where it’s needed most.

Running a successful campaign

There are hints and tips on the Just Giving Crowdfunding website but here are a few to get you thinking.

What’s the problem we’re trying to solve? Outline the reasons why you’ve decided to Crowdfund. Use simple language and short, punchy sentences. It will make your story much easier to read. Be clear about how your Page will benefit your community or the person you’re helping. Finally, if the problem you’re solving is an urgent one, let people know! They’ll be more likely to pledge if they can see a pressing need for what you’re doing.

Why do you care? In this section, explain why you care about what you’re Crowdfunding for and what made you want to get involved in the first place. Tell a story – it’s the best way to turn your readers into supporters. If you can get people to engage emotionally then you’re on the path to success. If they understand exactly why an issue matters to you, they’re more likely to think that it’s important too.

How will the money be spent? Every Crowdfunding Page has a target that needs to be reached and a goal that it hopes to achieve. Your supporters will want to know how the money they pledge will be spent, so the best way to complete this section is to give a detailed breakdown of what you’re planning to do with the funds, and any costs involved. If the Page is contributing to a bigger goal, let people know how the rest of the funds will be provided so that it’s clear your aim is achievable.

When will supporters see the difference? Seeing the impact of your pledge is one of the best things about supporting a Crowdfunding Page. Make sure that your supporters know where and when their funds will be spent, so they can actually see the difference they’ve made. Be realistic with any time-scales and give your supporters regular updates on your progress. Have a Facebook page or Twitter account? Let your community know so that they can stay updated and involved.

Note: Fees are charged (details) and there are other fundraising platforms available. Even if you choose not to raise money through JustGiving Crowdfunding, we wish you every success and thanks in advance for making a difference.