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Gap year organisation choices

View All providers (UK registered and based unless otherwise stated)

Members of the Year Out Group are all established organisations that meet our demanding criteria and can evidence the quality, safety and authenticity of their programmes

They are experienced providers of gap experiences offering hundreds of programmes between them. Our members include private companies, charities and not-for-profits of various sizes and most are UK based.

They have met our criteria for membership, which means they will have the safeguards in place to support you on your gap, good knowledge of the programmes and of countries they operate in.  They should be able to answer all your questions and address any concerns you have.

Having some knowledge of the organisation that is taking responsibility for you is important so visit their websites to find out more and remember to read any small print. Ask around to see if anyone has booked with them before or look at comments on-line.  However don't simply take comments you read at face value and be sure to speak to the organisation by phone. Our members will be pleased to take your call and help you with your decision-making.

Note: some of our members are based overseas and whilst they will meet most of our criteria there are some things which have they have to or can only do, by the laws in their own country. For instance their level of public liability insurance may be lower and they will not have the same consumer protections in place.