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Gap year destinations

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When contemplating a gap year destination, many people will first think of Australia, South Africa or perhaps Thailand. These are all excellent choices for your gap year destination, but they aren't the only options.

Year Out Groupís member organisations offer a wide range of programs in 90 gap year destination countries around the globe, giving you an opportunity to pick somewhere that's right for you.
Whether you're looking for voluntary work teaching in the mountains in Nepal, a conservation project in Madagascar, an expedition in Costa Rica or an internship in Japan, there are plenty of gap year destinations to choose from.† Plus, there are options closer to home - both geographically and culturally - including the UK, Europe and North America.

But choosing the country is only part of picking a gap year destination. There's also the question of the actual location.† Town or country, mud hut or hostel, close integration with the local community or part of a larger group are all factors that need to be taken into account.