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SEED Madagascar - member since 2016

SEED Madagascar - member since 2016

SEED Madagascar (formally Azafady) is a small UK registered charity, partnered with an independent Malagasy NGO, that is passionately involved in creating lasting positive change in the Anosy region of South East Madagascar. Our mission (and hopefully yours!) is to alleviate poverty and conserve unique and biologically rich but greatly endangered forest environments by empowering some of the poorest people to establish sustainable livelihoods and improve their well-being. By focusing in on a specific geographical scale, weve gained an in-depth understanding of the local issues: we apply appropriate methods of practice to achieve sustainable successes in all of our projects.

The Malagasy team is composed of international and local specialists that collaborate with communities, government and civil society. Each volunteering program offers the opportunity to work with specialist staff as well as volunteers from around the world - you could be part of this environment! Azafady are recognised as a regional specialist in community level capacity building, so it is guaranteed that you will be interacting with locals, giving you the chance to practice your Malagasy language skills!

All of our projects are sensitively built around local community need, meaning you can be sure that your work is going to make a real, tangible difference to the lives of Malagasy people.

Madagascar is an extremely unique island with over 80% of flora and fauna endemic to this island: this makes it a high priority to create solutions that will support sustainable livelihoods. Whether your interests lie in environmental conservation or livelihood development, there is no denying that this adventure will offer a wealth of knowledge, sights and experiences that you have never encountered before!

What Programmes can we offer you? Azafady international volunteering schemes offer a range of programmes suited to a variety of different interests our projects target the fields of Community health, education, sustainable livelihoods and environmental conservation.

Our 3 main volunteering programmes are the Conservation Programme,the Pioneer Programme and the Short-Term Construction ProgrammeThey all run 4 times a year, with flexibility in length of stay, so its ideally suited to fit around your schedule. We also have English teaching placements on a short term basis for 2 10 weeks or longer term of 6+ months.

Wed really love to hear from you regarding any questions you have - Our passionate team would never turn down the opportunity to talk about Madagascar.