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Coral Cay Conservation - member since 2000

Coral Cay Conservation - member since 2000

Coral Cay Conservation is an award-winning, not-for-profit organisation that specialises in tropical marine conservation, community education and capacity building projects in developing countries.

Founded in 1986, Coral Cay has pioneered a citizen science approach to conservation, training volunteers to survey coastal ecosystems in order to help local communities set up effective conservation measures such as Marine Protected Areas.

Imagine diving with Whale Sharks and coral reefs teaming with life, living within a small island community untouched by tourism and working closely within a team of staff and volunteers.
Join one of our expeditions for a truly unforgettable experience!

Who can join a Coral Cay expedition?

Our projects are open to people from all ages and walks of life. All our training takes place at the project site through a comprehensive Skills Development Programme. This course ensures that you gain all the necessary skills needed to survey the tropical marine environment and contribute directly towards their preservation.

What will you gain from joining a CCC expedition?

Earn your PADI Open Water and Advanced Open Water qualifications, learning to dive on some of the most beautiful reefs in the world,
Develop valuable practical skills in conservation science to help you propel your career,
Comprehensive science training covering species identification, tropical reef ecology and survey methodologies,
Gain your Reef Check qualification,
Comprehensive First Aid training,
Make a real difference towards the conservation and preservation of one of the planets most endangered ecosystems,
Be directly involved in community projects, teaching local kids about the marine environment.