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Twin Work and Volunteer - member since 2011

Twin Work and Volunteer - member since 2011

Twin Work & Volunteer (formerly known as WAVA) believe in creating personal travel experiences which leave long-lasting, positive effects. Operating since 2006, we are proud to provide a range of programmes all around the world, which have been designed for people of all backgrounds and ages. Those who choose us have the opportunity to participate in well-structured community and conservation volunteering projects - as well as internships and paid work placements.

Our motto is ‘See more. Do more' - and our experience in the industry means that if you choose to broaden your horizons with us, you'll be in great hands!

We currently offer around 80 programmes in more than 20 countries, and send around 500 travellers every year - primarily from the UK, USA, Australia and Northern Europe. Some of our most popular internship and work programmes are in Spain, Norway, France and Australia. We also have a range of exciting conservation projects in Ecuador, Galápagos Islands, South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam and New Zealand, and we send many volunteers to community projects in Chile, Ghana, Mozambique, Tanzania, Swaziland, India and Nepal.

Why us?

Here at Twin Work & Volunteer, we love the fact that we are a small, personal company as we believe it gives us the edge. We have the time to engage with the important people (i.e. YOU) and all of our advisors are well-travelled and deeply passionate about our projects. We work closely with all our providers to ensure that you have the best experience EVER.

Travel experiences we offer

We really care about the projects we run. Our internship and work placements are in a broad range of sectors, from agriculture to journalism to medical programmes. Our conservation projects involve animals such as elephants, lions, sharks, reptiles and birds, and our community projects work with disadvantaged children and women in remote or impoverished communities.

Sustainability and value of our projects

Our programmes are always designed to provide a two-way benefit, shared between the traveller and the host. We expect our volunteers to actively engage with the aims of their chosen project, in order to learn, grow and develop as individuals. Our hosts also gain hugely from candidate's efforts to contribute to the community, the environment or the workplace.

At Twin Work & Volunteer we work with hand-picked partners, whose projects are carefully monitored and visited regularly. The long-term sustainability of our company depends on firm, robust relationships with partners who care and work hard towards their own sustainability, and the ongoing viability of their organisations.

Our partners run real-world, on-the-ground projects or businesses. We ensure that the organisations that we work with have all the characteristics our demanding travellers expect.  Here at Twin Work & Volunteer we aim to maintain the highest standards of safety, integrity and value.

We strongly support the aims and mission of Year Out Group, adhering to its code of conduct, and focusing on the values and benefits of taking time abroad to engage in meaningful, rewarding travel.

Twin Work & Volunteer social media activity

Twin Work & Volunteer is also proud to be part of a thriving online community. We engage with travellers from all walks of life, and many of our volunteers communicate with us through our social media platforms. Please browse our sites below:

To learn more about Twin Work & Volunteer or to book a programme, please visit