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Africa & Asia Venture (AV)

Africa & Asia Venture (AV)

INSPIRE AND BE INSPIRED - Meaningful gap year and summer volunteering programs in the Africa and Asia.

The AV experience is unique. Find out why...

-Group based projects in rural communities, where you live the way the locals live.
-Make an impact bv sharing your passion to inspire others - choose from sports, music, drama, art, dance, teaching or community projects, whatever you are interested in.
-Designated independent travel time, to go wherever you wish.
-All with dedicated, 24/7, in-country support.

...together with endless laughter, unforgettable experiences and amazing friendships.

We offer gap year programs (3-4 months) and summer volunteering programs (5 weeks) so you can choose the timing that is right for you. If you're eager to go right now, have a look at our last-minute spaces, we may have just the thing!

Every AV story is unique. What will yours be?