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Africa & Asia Venture (AV) - member since 2000

Africa & Asia Venture (AV) - member since 2000

Would you like to travel with a group of people your own age, exploring countries across Africa and Asia?

You’ll have awe-inspiring adventures – think white-water rafting down the Nile and spotting the Big Five on safari – but it’ll be so much more than a whistle-stop tour. You’ll be part of the community, understand their way of life and make lifelong friends. The level of freedom and independence you’ll have (thanks to our dedicated, 24/7, in-country support) will give you the opportunity to make the adventure your own.

Step out of your comfort zone, you’ll be amazed at where it will take you…

Discover more about our gap year programs (3-4 months) and summer abroad experiences (5+ weeks).

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