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Art History Abroad - member since 2000

Art History Abroad - member since 2000

Travel through Italy with a group of new friends, studying the greatest works of art & architecture, in the most evocative and trendy cities in Europe. The AHA Course will truly expand your horizons across European civilization.

With AHA, vivid, firsthand experience of art is at the heart of what we do. Our brilliant tutors explain in front of the work of art in an atmosphere of friendly discussion in tutorial groups of 10 or fewer.  Furthermore, the hidden value of AHA is in our connections and friends, assembled over 25 years, who allow us privileged access to many of the treasures of Italy. With AHA you will travel the length of Italy absorbing a breadth of knowledge from the Ancient World, to the Renaissance, the Baroque and contemporary art.

There are no lecture rooms, no exams, just university styled tutorials and students who have engaged and enquiring minds. Our students come from every academic discipline seeking the foundation stones of culture which will stay with them throughout life. An AHA Course is also ideal for those pursuing a career in the Arts. Six week Gap Year Courses run four times annually as well as two week summer holiday courses.