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Outreach International - member since 2002

Outreach International - member since 2002

Outreach International places committed volunteers on carefully selected projects in Mexico, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Kenya, Nepal and Ecuador including The Galapagos Islands. We are a small company and like to meet every volunteer and treat you as an individual.  You can make a valuable contribution while experiencing the pleasures of living with local people. The projects are small, varied and handpicked. Their needs are constantly assessed so we can place volunteers where you are genuinely needed and where your skills and energies will be fully utilised.  Most are ideal for gap year volunteers; others are more suited to people taking a career break.   You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a fascinating foreign culture, learn a language, and work on an important project that will benefit the local community.  These are ideal placements for those wanting a gap experience and anyone considering a career in medicine, teaching, humanitarian, social or environmental work.

We seek the best possible level of support for volunteers overseas and want the best volunteers to support our work. Deciding to work with Outreach International is an important decision. If you make that choice, we will offer you a project placement and in-country support to maximise your efforts. Give us your time, energy and commitment and we will give you a life changing experience in your volunteer work abroad.

We will shortly be expanding our work in Tanzania as well as continuing to add projects to our existing countries. Why not volunteer on our new kindergarten teaching project on the beautiful Pacific Coast of Mexico? Or you could be working with marine wildlife in our new conservation project in a traditional Ecuadorian fishing village? We also have new conservation opportunities on the Galapagos Islands giving you a unique chance to live and work on these fascinating islands. So what are you waiting for? Join us, you can make a difference.