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Date added: Thursday 18th May 2017

#GapDecisionDay is the day we are urging anyone with an interest in gap experiences to share their plans, thoughts, ideas and guidance with the whole world.

We think everyone can benefit from taking a gap year or even a few gaps months. Whatever your age or budget weíre sure you can find inspiration from others and sites like

Whilst more people in the 30ís, 40ís and 50ís are now taking the opportunity of a career break, itís fair to say that the majority of gap travellers or stay-at-homes are in their teens and 20ís. There is more choice than ever before including vocational programmes and paid work placements in addition to the volunteering, expeditions and courses covering the arts through to winter sports.

Maybe you committed to a year out after A levels, but didnít quite get around to booking an experience? Or maybe, as you approach your exams, you are beginning to wonder if you should have opted for a year out when you applied to university.

If this applies to you, take a deep breath. Itís not too late. You can still defer your university place and there is lots of time to get in a really worthwhile and exciting gap experience from now until University starts in September....and lots of great organisations who can help you find the right program.

Use Gap Decision Day on the 25th May to commit to a gap experience, you wonít regret it!

Gap Decision Day: Details

If you are:

∑ someone interested in taking a gap year or shorter gap experience

∑ reporting on them

∑ providing them

∑ advising anyone about them

This is the day to:

∑ share what you did, are doing or plan to do

∑ ask questions

∑ find like-minded people

∑ offer some guidance or top tips

Ö..and generally big up just how great a gap experience is!

What you can do:

∑ Talk it up on social media

∑ Write blog, or piece for the press

∑ Present at school, university, social centre or simply to your mates

∑ Use it as a day to fundraise for any project you will be supporting on your gap trip

∑ Take a day to do some research, daydream or actually book the trip youíve been promising yourself

∑ Host a webinar, perhaps on some of the ethics of travel or to highlight the really good work people do on them

∑ Offer some incentives, discounts and share inspirational stories to get people thinking about taking the leap into a gap year.