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#GapDecisionDay is the day we are urging anyone with an interest in gap experiences to share their plans, thoughts, ideas and guidance with the whole world. There is more information below. [ Read more... ]

Date added: Thursday 18th May 2017

Pro Packer Essential Backpacking Kit

Developed by experienced backpacker and traveller, Ian Lowe, Pro Packer Essential Backpacking Kit is a brand new product, which aims to provide first-time travellers with everything they need for their big trip. [ Read more... ]

Date added: Tuesday 24th January 2017

Pod Volunteer - NEW Desert Elephant Conservation Project in Namibia!

Pod Volunteer have just launched a Desert Elephant Conservation project in Namibia. It is an incredible opportunity for volunteers to experience life camping out under the stunning stars in the desert while helping to conserve African elephants. [ Read more... ]

Date added: Thursday 12th January 2017