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Europe it's on your doorstep and it's easy to take it for granted, but think again. Spending part of your gap year in Paris, Berlin or Barcelona or any one of the myriad of cities across this diverse cultural area could prove to be your ticket to a university place or enhance your career prospects in both the short and long term.

Proficiency in another European language can open doors and first hand experience of European life, culture and people is invaluable in career terms. 100's of millions of people speak European languages around the world and the British need to do business with all of them, but much of our business is with our European neighbours. If you're up against a European graduate for a job, you need to prove your European credentials are as good if not better than theirs. There are also ample opportunities to do voluntary work, acquire skills and expand your knowledge on courses especially winter and water sports and the arts. So British gapers should get the inside track on life over the Channel and invest your gap year wisely by spending time in Europe, so you can reap the benefits for decades to come. At the same time those living outside the UK should consider coming to the UK, surely the best possible gap year destination to learn English and with many other programs on offer.

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