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If you're looking for a gap year destination that has it all, Australasia is for you. Home to some of the world's most stunning countries; Australia, New Zealand and Fiji (not forgetting the other Pacific Islands), this vast and varied continent offers a whole range of adventure packed gap year activities and the opportunity to work on your skills while you're there.

Cash-strapped travellers can take their pick of work abroad programmes across Australia and New Zealand that will not only top up the travel fund but also provide you with valuable work experience. You can also opt for skills development programmes such as surfing and ranching courses in Australia or diving in Fiji that will give you a chance to do something really different and enhance your CV.

If the great outdoors is more your thing, gap year travel presents a whole host of opportunities for exploration and nature conservation in the wide expanse of the Australian outback and New Zealand's beautiful countryside as well as the more traditional voluntary work projects such as teaching and child care. You can help to preserve a number of species and improve your knowledge of conservation methods

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