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The Philippines, officially the Republic of the Philippines, is an island nation located in Southeast Asia, with Manila as its capital city. The Philippine Archipelago comprises 7,107 islands in the western Pacific Ocean. The country reflects diverse indigenous Austronesian cultures from its many islands, as well as European and American influence from Spain, Latin America and the United States.

  • Capital: Manila
  • Currency: Peso (Philippines)
  • Religions: Anglican, Orthadox Eastern
  • Languages: English


Coral Cay Conservation - member since 2000

Coral Cay Conservation - member since 2000

Coral Cay Conservation is an award-winning, not-for-profit organisation that specialises in tropical marine conservation, community education and capacity building projects in developing countries.Founded in 1986, Coral Cay has pioneered a citizen science approach to conservation, training volunteers to survey coastal ecosystems in order to help local communities set up effective conservation measures such as Marine Protected Areas...

The Leap Overseas Ltd - member since 2005

The Leap Overseas Ltd - member since 2005

Award winning volunteering and intern programmes across Africa, Asia and South America. All our programmes include a mix of projects, in a mix of locations, challenging both mind + muscle whilst satisfying your desire for travel + adventure...

Projects Abroad - member since 2000

Projects Abroad - member since 2000

Projects Abroad is the leading global organiser of overseas voluntary work placements. Our projects run year-round and are incredibly flexible - you can even volunteer abroad for as little as 2 weeks. With over 600 staff worldwide, volunteers will benefit from the support and back up that Projects Abroad provide both at home and overseas...

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