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Asia, the Far East, mystical, beautiful and other. From the neon skyscrapers of Shanghai to the humid jungles of Vietnam, Asia offers an enthralling, challenging experience. Diverse cultures, mouth-watering foods and fascinating history will draw you in and the people you meet will make you want to stay.

Spending time in Asia on a structured, long term gap year placement during will open your eyes to countries where leading edge technology sits comfortably side by side with traditional beliefs and values, allowing you to experience both the best and worst of 21st century life and giving you a completely new perspective on the world while immersing yourself in a totally unfamiliar culture. In Asia the rapid pace of economic development in recent years and their expanding presence in Western markets means that the ability to speak English is prized and young volunteers who can spend a couple of terms working in schools or universities teaching conversational English, talking about their world, their lives and their culture will find themselves hugely valued and befriended by students and colleagues alike.

There are also areas of shocking poverty and deprivation where volunteers who can invest several months of their time can make a recognisable difference by working for organisations which improve the lives of specific communities. Volunteers could undertake sustainability projects, help with environmental conservation or work with underprivileged adults or children, living and working within the community, learning their language, becoming involved in community life, while at the same time gaining a deep understanding of the issues affecting them.

A gap year in Asia will open up possibilities, broaden your horizons and prepare you the next step, be that university or your future career.

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