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Providers - YOG Membership Information

Interested in Joining the Year Out Group?

We welcome all membership enquiries from organisations offering gap year and gap experience opportunities. Reasons to join include:

Industry Leading Network - Members tell us that their main reasons for joining the Year Out Group are to benefit from being associated with likeminded operators who place high importance on the quality of the experience their clients receive. This is exemplified through adherence to the standards, continuing improvement and a focus on positive outcomes for the client and project/programme/organisation supported through their work overseas and in the UK.

Representation and Peer Support - Members also value the support given to them by the network, including advice and training and representation of issues in the media, at conferences and in industry networks.  Access to an arbitration service in case of dispute and support in times of crisis are similarly valued.

Marketing and Promotion - Members also measure the return on their membership in terms of the marketing exposure the Year Out Group can offer through the provision of an advice and listings website, social media presence, an annual promotional booklet to schools, universities and careers services and speaking events.

If you’d like to join us, we will welcome your application and by doing so hope to continue to improve on the best practice we’ve developed since 2000.

Although full membership is restricted to organisations that have 3 years trading history, we do offer alternatives for start-ups and those with less experience (see Aspiring members below). This is because we believe membership of our group can help raise standards through contact with other professionals and sharing of best practice.

Full membership starts at £440 per annum and is based on the number of customers booking onto your programmes in the previous calendar year.

Membership Criteria. All the organisations go through a membership application process, which (for UK members) includes a visit to their Head Office by Year Out Group's Chief Executive and an interview with the Group's Membership Committee.  All the organisations whose activities are listed on this website are members of Year Out Group and have been through this process on joining and have satisfied the Committee that they meet the Membership Criteria.  This means that they:

-Support the Aims of Year Out Group.
-Agree to abide by the Group's Code of Practice and Member's Charter.
-Follow the Operating Guidelines for their respective sector.
-Submit their Annual Accounts for inspection.
-Have risk management policies and procedures in place that are in line with BS8848.
-Have a crisis management policy and plan in place with trained staff and
-Have public liability insurance of at least £2million.

Annual Assessment.  Having joined each member is required to demonstrate annually that it continues to meet these criteria by submitting their latest accounts, terms & conditions of service, insurance details etc as part of the annual membership renewal process.

Expectation. Year Out Group takes an active role to ensure that the members maintain these standards so long as they remain members of the Group.  This is designed to provide assurance to all those planning or advising people of any age that are considering using the services of any of the Group's members that they can expect a good service and a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Aspiring Members. This category is for organisations whose ambition is to become a full Year Out Group member but  do not yet meet the condition of membership, usually because they have only recently begun trading. However they have provided evidence (identified in their profile) that they are legitmate businesses. Year Out Group will be working with these business with a view to them attaining full membership in the future. They do not receive a listing on the organisation pages of the website and do not feature in any promotions. However they are eligible to attend Year Out Group meetings, benefit from offers (conditions may apply) and receive support from Year Out Group.