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Providers: YOG Operating Guidelines

Code of Practice and Member's Charter

1. Year Out Group's Code of Practice provides the basis for the standard of service expected of the Group's member organisations while the Member's Charter provides more detail. New members are required to demonstrate their ability to adhere to the Code and meet the requirements of the Member's Charter, while existing members are required annually to demonstrate that they continue to adhere to both.† †Members provide a very wide range of programmes which fall into four main categories:

-Courses and cultural exchanges.
-Volunteering and
-Structured work placements.

2. In order to provide more detailed guidance for member organisations, Year Out Group has developed† a set of operational guidelines that are appropriate to the activities of that sector.

Operational Guidelines

3. Year Out Group was actively involved in the drafting of BS8848:2014.† Year Out Group actively encourages all those that offer group activities to self-assess those activities against BS8848:2014. Members offering independent placements of an adventurous nature overseas are encouraged to assess those programmes against BS8848:2014.† All members offering activities overseas are expected to use BS8848:2014 as a check list for their risk assessments.

4. Year Out Group developed a series of operational guidelines that cover the four main areas of activity.† These are still in place for those members that have yet to adopt BS8848:2014 or for whom BS8848 does not apply, e.g. those activities that do not take place overseas.

Planning the Placement. Placements need to be planned in advance in order to meet, as closely as possible, the objectives of both the volunteer and the host organisation.

Monitoring the Placement. Each placement should be monitored whilst in progress.† Problems should be solved as they arise and emergencies met should they occur.

Measure Satisfaction/Refine the Process. Procedures should be in place to measure the satisfaction gained from the placement by both the client and the host and to take corrective action as appropriate.

Year Out Group members must be able to demonstrate how these standards are met.

5. The Year Out Group has set down a high level of operating guidelines, which have been enhanced by the requirement for members to apply BS8848:2014 in as much detail as appropriate for their individual programmes.† Every member of the Year Out Group subscribes to these guidelines for their programmes and is constantly seeking to ensure that they are maintained.† Nonetheless some minimum levels of service are implied.

6. A copy of The Operating Guidelines can be requested by emailing