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Frontier - 5 Ways To Record Your Travels

Date added: Monday 20th March 2017

As amazing as journeys abroad are, they do end sometime. The fun doesnít have to stop there though as there are loads of ways you can relive your adventures or pass them along to friends and family as you go. Weíve selected just 5 ways to record your travels.

1.†††† Written Diary

Probably the original way to record what youíre doing and where youíre going and this case, retro is good. Really simply, pick a cool looking notebook with animals or travel related stuff on the front, grab a pen thatís comfortable to write with and log your every move as you go. Dedicate half an hour daily to what youíre up to, thoughts, events, daydreams, funny, sad and spectacular moments and filling up that pad with them. Anything and everything should go in there to recreate on paper the sheer variety of flavour that travelling has in store for you.

2. †Vlogs

Vlogging (or Video Blogging for the less techy of you) has taken off in the last few years. Itís the glorious marriage of taking pictures, writing blogs and, in essence, documentary films. Anything from 5 to 10 second snapshots of you trip to full length 20 minute grand tours qualify and all of them bring colour, excitement and endless motion to keeping a record of your trip. If anything is going to transport you back, or transport people to you, itíd be vlogging. Doesnít have to be David Attenborough documentary quality, just has to give that valuable insight that makes people jealous and opens a window onto your trip.

3. Scrapbooks

This may be wrongly construed as a childish way to store information on stuff thatís going on but weíd argue the opposite. Itís one of the more colourful and fulfilling ways. Get a big empty book and ram it full of memories, whatís childish about that? Pictures, ticket stubs, short diary entries, , bottle caps from rooftop bars in far flung countries, leaves of mysterious flowers, the shoe lace of that dude in that hostel you met one night and stole. You name it. The possibilities are endless and it leaves you room to tell your story without doing it all for you. Itís a big travellerís cue card.

4.†††† Scratch maps

These things donít get anywhere near the credit for how cool they are that they deserve. A scratch map is a simple map where each country is made of that funny scratch material that you get on a lottery ticket. The idea being that once you visit somewhere, you scratch it off or stick a pin into a normal map if you donít fancy the scratch variety. Itís a simple, genius way of marking your globetrotter territory as well as giving you itchy feet for the next place to set off to. Itíll make you collect countries the way people collected Pokťmon cards, Gotta Visit ĎEm All.

5.†††† Send yourself postcards

Donít worry, this isnít a cry for help for people without anyone else to send postcards to, the opposite in fact. People send postcards all the time and miss out one crucial person. Themselves. Sending a postcard to yourself not only gives you a little surprise when you get home but overtime creates a glorious world map collage seen solely through your eyes. Itís like having a world map designed by you. Send one to Mum and Dad and Nan by all means, just add yourself to that mailing list and bit by bit youíll be able to plaster a wall with your own travel memories. Literally.

There are obviously hundreds more ways you can record your trip, from collecting souvenirs to the old classic of just taking photos. Whichever way suits you doesnít really matter. The key thing is that you do something so that you can keep the memories fresh with something tangible to tell stories about. Happy Travelling!