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Frontier - Thailand Animal Rescue

Date added: Wednesday 20th July 2016

With its golden beaches, tropical climate and beautiful scenery it is no surprise that Thailand has become a popular tourist destination but Thailand has more to offer than gorgeous views; it also boasts a vibrant culture, friendly locals and exotic wildlife.

However, positives are normally side-lined with at least one negative and when it comes to Thailand that negative lies with the high exploitation of its wild animals, a problem that has escalated in recent years. While development within the country is steadily improving, this has in turn fuelled the demand for the exotic pet trade which has left conservationists worried about the future of Thailandís wildlife.

This is where the Thailand Animal Rescue Project comes in. The project brings together staff and volunteers to provide rescued animals with a safe haven. The pet trade results in many animals being abused, malnourished and exploited in more ways than you can imagine and so the rescue centre aims to rehabilitate these animals and where possible, eventually release them back into the habitats that they were initially stolen from. The animals housed within the rescue centre range from black bears, to Slow Lorisí to small cats and birds; no animal is too big or too small. Any animals that have been too poorly treated to be successfully restored to their home habitat can settle in at the rescue centre where they will be carefully cared for by volunteers that have been trained to provide effective feeding schedules, enrichment activities and safe enclosures.

Volunteers working at the rescue centre will be given a range of different responsibilities and are treated like true staff members. Without a doubt the work that volunteers do on this project is vital to the restoration of the lives of the individual animals and of the overall species population. Volunteers can therefore expect to be involved in feeding the animals, cleaning and maintaining enclosures, implementing enrichment activities and observing both the wild and captive animals. In addition to the animal based program, volunteers will also provide vital environmental education to locals. The education of the local community and the tourists that visit the area is an imperative part of the project and is key to the successful future of Thailandís wildlife. Many people have never stopped to consider the consequences of removing animals from the wild nor have they truly considered that wild animals do not make appropriate pets, which is why it is imperative that staff and volunteers work together to educate people of the consequences of the exotic pet trade.

The project itself runs from 2 weeks onwards and during your trip youíll stay in the shared volunteer house, which means not only will you be within close proximity of the rescue centre but youíll be able to socialise and explore the local area during your free time with likeminded volunteers too!

If you would like to make a notable difference in the lives of the individual animals that are brought into the centre as well as to the repopulation of species in Thailandís jungles, find out more about how you can join the Animal Rescue Project here: