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Pod Volunteer - Join the Marine Conservation project in Thailand

Date added: Tuesday 5th July 2016

Pod Volunteer are looking for volunteers to help at their Marine Conservation project in Thailand to support the research and restoration activities. Working under the guidance of our Marine Biologist and experienced interns at the project, volunteers can contribute a great deal to the ongoing research. In addition to this, volunteers with an interest or experience in conservation can bring a new perspective to research.

You can join the volunteer placement for 1 to 12 weeks + to work with a dynamic team, contributing to the research, protection and restoration of reefs in Koh Tao. Volunteers support a variety of initiatives such as artificial reef installations, coral predator monitoring and baby turtle rehabilitation.

Kellie volunteered at the project and enjoyed not only supporting the team but also learning a whole lot about the ocean. Here is her volunteer story:

"The experience at the Marine Conservation project is brilliant. It taught me so much about marine life, ecology, surveying methods and conservation methods. I was involved in many different projects including: - Caring for baby turtles they are rearing in a nursery - Creating new mooring buoys in popular dive spots to prevent damage caused by anchors - Creating coral nurseries - Attaching corals to artificial reef structures - Data collection on areas providing vital information on the health of the reef - Rubbish collection - Monitoring and maintenance of giant clam nurseries - Painting signs to make others more reef aware

The daily lectures we received were engaging and informative. We got a lot done on every dive, but with any spare air you were taken to see other reef areas. It was the perfect balance to between work and play, but what made the experience for me were the passionate, patient, helpful and intelligent team which work or are interns on the project. I wish there were more people this driven to make a difference to restore the reefs and protect the life they support!

The placement was everything I hoped for and more. It was a great project and place made complete by the caring, knowledgeable and passionate team at the Marine Conservation project".

What did you find most rewarding? "The amount I learnt both in lectures and practically whilst diving".

What did you find most challenging? "The yoga lessons I chose to join!".

If you would like to learn more about the Marine Conservation project in Thailand you can visit the Pod Volunteer Marine Conservation project page:

Or if you would like to contribute to valuable research in some of the most ecologically fragile and diverse habitats on earth. Opportunities include reef and marine conservation, tracking leopards, researching the Amazon jungle and monitoring lemurs in Madagascar during your gap year then you find out all about the projects that Pod Volunteer has on offer: