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Pod Volunteer – Helping rescued Elephants in Cambodia

Date added: Wednesday 25th May 2016

Pod volunteers work alongside local and international staff to assist in the rewilding of 9 rescued Asian elephants and helping with a variety of local community initiatives. Emill chose to volunteer for 3 weeks helping the local team.

Each elephant has their own mahout but volunteers provide an extra pair of eyes; whilst observing the elephants wandering freely in the forest you will learn how to complete full health checks which will allow you to identify and report any concerns regarding the elephants. These daily observations allows the project team to monitor the elephants’ health and wellbeing.

Volunteers also carry out a number of tasks to benefit the elephants in terms of additional food harvest for those who require it and contribute to the upkeep of the camp.

Emill tells us more about her time at the project here:

"I spent three weeks at the project in Cambodia and loved every minute of it!

The local and western staff are incredibly welcoming and the accommodation was a lot better than I was expecting, especially as its in the middle of a jungle! The meals provided by the lovely cooking staff were nutritous and catered to vegan and vegetarianism. Pancakes for breakfast, what more do you want?!

Having spent three weeks at the project, I felt like I knew the elephants more and they felt a lot more comfortable with me allowing me to get closer to them.

The whole ethos is great! The way the community and villagers benefit from the elephants spending time at the camp is amazing. You can really see where your donation goes and that without visitors places like this would not exist and the elephants staying there would not benefit from the special care and attention provided by them at the project. it is all about the elephants but so much more at the same time!

I would highly recommend it. It is so worthwhile, spending time with such incredible creatures, understanding their different backstories shows each of them as an individuals and highlights the struggle of Asian elephants survival.

An incredible organisation and a must visit if in Cambodia! Remember to bring sturdy walking shoes and lots of water!”

If you would like to out more about the Pod Volunteer Elephant Conservation project in Cambodia here:

If you would like to find out about more animal volunteer opportunities around the world then you can visit:

If you would like to apply to join the project you apply online here: