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The Leap - Traveller Tribes: the looks, the attitude, the aroma…

Date added: Monday 23rd May 2016

The traveller, just like the tourist, comes in many disguises, creating different ‘traveller tribes.’  All in good humour, we have identified a few of our favourites and let me warn you, we all belong to one…

So here goes, which tribe do you belong to?

The Hippie Tribe

Typical Look: no shoes, dreadlocks, ethnic clothing and plenty of toe, nose and belly button piecing’s.

The Hippie is easily identifiable, seldom showers and will definitely be sporting the “eau de backpacker” scent. They often have no real direction but they are certainly in no rush to get anywhere soon. They take things as they come and will have little or no plan for the upcoming months.

The Flash Packer Tribe

Typical Look: found in boutique accommodation, always clean and dressed well no matter the time of day or night. Designer sunglasses, on head, at all times.

The flash packer, also referred to as the “fuss pot”, loves to travel but doesn’t care for the nitty-gritty of the road. They can’t quite acclimatize to the backpacking lifestyle and as a result is often found in boutique-like accommodation.

However, should you meet them before they’ve found their calling in the swankier accommodation, they will most likely be heard saying things such as “ew this toilet won’t flush” or “this jungle is just so dirty”.

The Self-Mister Tribe

Typical Look: Posing for the camera via obligatory selfie stick.

The Self-mister is usually found in a pairs who are more focused on their camera angle than their surroundings.

They will arrive at the local beauty spot, spend their time capturing the perfect selfie and then will be seen desperately trying to find the nearest Wi-Fi zone in order to upload their “OMG” moments to social media.

The Party Animal Tribe

Typical Look: wearing neon paint, drink in hand, often with bruises from drunken tumbles.

The Party Animal is easy to spot and will be having the time of their life. Although, they can look as though they need a break from the break. You’ll either bump into them on a night out, drink in hand and able to show you exactly where the best party is at.

Or you’ll bump in to them around midday in the hostel looking rather worse for wear but still mumbling about where they plan on hitting up tonight. Common phrases will be a mixture between “I’m so hungover” and “I had this local drink last night that tasted like petrol”.

The Guitar Tribe

Typical Look: guitar in hand or strapped to back

The guitar player, as the name suggests, is the person never seen without his or her guitar and give them an inch will start strumming away to immediately gather a nice crowd who will soon become their new bessers.

They are a great traveler to be around with a constant chilled-out vibe and a repertoire of great music that works well be it hanging out in the hostel or round a camp fire. They are always happy to give you a quick lesson so you to can join the thousands who can also play Oasis.

So silly, so true…so when you’re packing those ethnic trousers you bought in Camden market or the gortex jacket your mum insists you take …think what does this say about me!

…gortex jacket, zips on trousers…hmm what shall we call this one?

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