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Frontier - How to get over your travel worries

Date added: Monday 21st March 2016

For first-time and inexperienced travelers, the idea of packing up and leaving for a foreign land can be daunting. Of course, thereís plenty to worry about, but none of those niggles are worth giving up the chance to see the world. Take a look at a few tips that should help you get your foot out the door.


The biggest mistake a lot of people make when planning to travel is they wait too long to just book their train or their flight. Um-ing and ah-ing about that really cheap flight to Iceland you saw a few days ago? If youíre still thinking about it a week later, maybe you should go ahead and book it. Once youíve committed to the travel aspect, you pretty much have no choice but to follow through Ė donít worry, itíll work itself out once the foundations are laid.

Start out Small

If you havenít been abroad much and youíre not sure you could spend that much time so far away from home, just start out small. Take a shorter trip, maybe a weekend, to somewhere you are dying to go, and see how you cope out of your comfort zone knowing its only for a few days. Or, just go somewhere close to home Ė you donít even have to leave the country to experience something new. Donít feel like you have to go big or go home. Work your way up to that trek to Machu Picchu.

Volunteer in a Group

Spending time far from home with a bunch of strangers may seem like a counter-productive idea, but going abroad as part of a volunteer group is both rewarding and great fun. Youíll be surrounded by like-minded people with whom you will bond out of necessity, which is a great way to make some life-long friends. On top of that, youíll be doing your bit for the environment or the development of local communities, so itís a win-win.


If youíre a worrier, Iím probably preaching to the choir. However, on top of researching whatís in the area youíre travelling to and how to get to and from the airport, etc, you should also be googling the local customs. The languages spoken, what is considered rude and what isnít, what the local diet is made up of Ė all of this will affect you as a visitor. Hate seafood? Itís probably a good idea to stay away from Japan. Find somewhere that will suit you, and youíll have a much more enjoyable time.

Learn the Language

Many people do not factor in the possibility of a language barrier when they book their holidays. If youíre reading this, you are fluent in English, and if English is the only language you know, you may be guilty of the Ďeveryone speaks Englishí mindset. The fact is however, most people donít, and if youíve never been abroad before, or the only time you have you were sat in a resort the whole time, it may come as a shock and a confidence-knock when you find yourself unable to communicate. Learning a few phrases in the local tongue can go a long way, for your own peace of mind if nothing else. Nobodyís expecting you to speak like a native, but showing youíve made an effort may set you apart from the hundreds before you who didnít.

Worrying about going to a totally new place is completely normal, but donít let it stop you from doing it. Remember: there will always be a reason NOT to go Ė if youíre simply waiting for the perfect time, youíll be waiting forever.

By Eman Bhatti