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Getting on-line during your Gap

Taking a gap year can be one of lifeís biggest and most rewarding adventures. Leaving behind friends, family, and the comforts of home can be a little overwhelming, though. Thatís why you need to know how to stay in touch ó no matter where in the world you are. Before you hop on that plane, hereís everything you need to know to get online, stay connected, and safely enjoy your international journey. [ Read more... ]

Date added: Friday 27th November 2015

Year in Industry - Money and Gap Years

The Year in Industry is a job, you are interviewed for it like a job, and you are paid for it like a job. [ Read more... ]

Date added: Wednesday 25th November 2015

POD Volunteer - Sarah's blog: Teaching & building in Ghana

Sarah volunteered with Pod Volunteer in Ghana joining their teaching and building placements. You can find out more about her chosen placements here: [ Read more... ]

Date added: Friday 20th November 2015

Pod volunteer - Elephant Care and Research in South Africa

Jessica volunteered at the Pod Volunteer South Africa Elephant Care and Research where volunteers contribute to all aspects of elephant research, education, husbandry and conservation. Volunteers help the park staff to feed and care for nine elephants - no small task! [ Read more... ]

Date added: Friday 13th November 2015

Pod Volunteer - Marine Conservation in Thailand

Luke joined the Pod Volunteer Thailand Marine Conservation placement since he wanted to join a project which combined to volunteering in conservation with a study project where he could learn to dive. [ Read more... ]

Date added: Friday 13th November 2015