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Fundraising for Nepal

Date added: Friday 8th May 2015

Fundraising for Nepal

In the aftermath of the Nepal Earthquake, Year Out Group members operating in the region are promoting opportunities to donate money in support of the relief effort.

You may already know that the Disaster Relief Committee (DEC) appeal accepts donations and distributes funds on your behalf to a range of aid organisations.  Alternatively or additionally you may wish to donate directly to a project fund such as those linked to Year Out Members.

Here is a summary from 4 organisations

1. Africa & Asia Venture (AV)


A week ago today, Nepal experienced a devastating earthquake. The country has suffered immeasurably since and our hearts go out to a community that we are enormously fortunate to have worked with for many years. Our volunteers and team members have been treated with incredible warmth and kindness and made lifelong connections to this unique place and its people.

We are very thankful to report that all our Nepal AVs are safe and well. Several returned to the UK early on Thursday morning on a relief flight, others had already started onward journeys. At the moment we are continuing to try to find out more about the impact on the rural villages, schools and individuals that have been affected. Naturally, due to the logistics on the ground and issues with communications, this is proving difficult.

Whilst emergency aid is essential at this point in time, we know that rebuilding in Nepal will need assistance far beyond the immediate crisis. Our focus at AV will be this longer term support. We are creating a separate fund within our charity, the AV Foundation, which will be put towards educational projects including rebuilding schools in the area, as and when the picture is clearer. We have already received donations totalling £5,000. If you wish to donate, please follow the fundraising link from the AV Foundation page and specify that it should be directed to our Nepal fund.

2. GVI-Volunteer Abroad


On Saturday the 25th Nepal experienced a severe earthquake measuring a magnitude of 7.8. The biggest earthquake experienced by the developing nation in 80 years. The earthquake has caused widespread damage and destruction across Nepal. The country is still experiencing aftershocks and the death toll, currently in the thousands, is steadily rising. Thousands of people are injured and in need of medical attention but Nepal a country unprepared for a disaster of this magnitude is struggling to respond.

As we have seen in past disasters the aftermath provides many challenges as basic supplies become scarce, hospitals are inundated and disease spreads.

What is needed in the initial aftermath?

Thousands of people have been left without homes as a result and are in need of temporary accommodation in the form of tents especially as storms are hitting affected areas.

Basic supplies such as water, food and medical necessities are crucial to survival as well as ensuring hygiene and sanitation to limit the spread of disease.

Nepal is going to need a lot of long term support in its recovery from this tragic event.

How far does your money go? Every dollar counts! $2USD – General antibiotics, 1 packet of sanitary pads, face mask or packets of biscuits $5USD - can buy a box of dried noodles, 20 litres of clean drinking water or 20 packets of rehydration salts $10USD – 1 blanket, 1 plastic sheet, sleeping mats, saucepan or 20kg of lentils $15USD – 30kg of rice, gas cooker or a head torch $20USD – 1 Sleeping bag, clothes or a basic first aid kit $25USD – Pressure cooker, mobile phone with radio or a decent pair of shoes $50USD – Gas Cylinder, bedding or water purifier $200USD - 1 tent, medical assistance or food for a family of 4 for 2 weeks

3. Pacific Discovery


Pacific Discovery is not fundraising directly but had If you are wanting to help Nepal, they ask you to please consider consider donating to the work Amrit Ale of Himalayan Quests. They are undertaking to get emergency supplies and medical treatment to communities their groups spend time in

4. PoD Volunteer


As you will be aware, on Saturday 25 April Nepal was struck by a devastating earthquake. We’re happy to confirm that all of our volunteers and staff are safe but we are now raising money for urgently needed disaster relief and ongoing support in Nepal and we’re hoping that you can help by helping us to promote this.

It's great that so much aid is going to Kathmandu but some of the rural locations are not yet being helped. Therefore we are supporting the Cloud Base Foundation, a local Nepali charity working in the most affected regions of Gorkha and Lamjung. 100% of what is donated will go straight to Nepal with all admin costs being covered by Pod Volunteer.

Currently, we have been sending jeeps, trucks and one helicopter to the Gorkha and East Lamjung districts.

Specifically to: Sauripani, Dhadhagau, Laxmi Bazar, Thulopipalbot, Daraudi, Dhodeni Baazar, Barpak, Bichaur and some other smaller villages.

The villages that the team have been able to access have experienced almost a total destruction of their homes and there are many more rural villages in need of aid. The Pod Charity will support the Children’s Home, Women’s Refuge, Street Children’s Centre and local schools in Pokhara by ensuring they have access to clean water and food supplies. There are already severe supply shortages and food prices have rocketed.