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Outreach International - under 18 and interested in volunteering in Latin America?

The summer holidays are exactly when some of Outreach International’s projects need volunteers the most. [ Read more... ]

Date added: Friday 23rd January 2015

Projects Abroad celebrates the one year anniversary of Shark Conservation in Fiji.

The past year has been a great success for Projects Abroad’s Shark Conservation Project in Fiji. It has been an extremely popular project with volunteers from the UK and around the world, due to its magnificent location, crystal clear waters and the unique opportunity to get up close to some of the most endangered and mis-understood animals in the world. [ Read more... ]

Date added: Thursday 22nd January 2015

Frontier: Kick-Start Your New Year's Resolutions by Volunteering

Lose weight, get a job, take a trip, think positive, and improve your life… We all know the list of New Year’s resolutions that everyone makes and almost no one keeps. Want to make this year different? Volunteering abroad is a great way to fulfil some of your new year’s wishes while making a difference in the world. [ Read more... ]

Date added: Wednesday 21st January 2015

Outreach International - Celebrating our First Year in Tanzania

Did you know that Cardio Vascular Disease, primarily high blood pressure (hypertension) is the second highest cause of death in east Africa, second only to HIV / Aids? [ Read more... ]

Date added: Friday 2nd January 2015