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Why Raleigh International is more than your average adventure

Date added: Thursday 11th December 2014


Adventures can come in all manners of forms. From exhilarating skydives to tropical beach parties to experiencing new cultures and remote parts of the world. Raleigh International’s long standing expeditions are, by their nature, adventurous to their core. But they’re so much more than that. And we want to ask you, why settle for the average when you could have the extraordinary?

More than finding yourself

Working with people of all ages, background and nationalities from around the world, from rural communities, to local NGOs and international volunteers, we drive our volunteer programmes through collaboration. We are impact driven, which means you will work together to create change where it is most needed.

Work and learn from others around the world and you might just find something about yourself too.

More than a picture postcard view

On the adventure phase of a Raleigh expedition, the view is just a tiny part of what makes it spectacular. Trekking on foot, carrying everything with you for 19 days allows you to explore the most remote parts of the country, learn about diverse plants and wildlife around the world and meet rural communities. As you trek through valleys, up volcanoes and under rainforest canopies you push yourself to develop vital skills such as teamwork, resilience, communication and problem solving.

More than taking time off

The expeditions are challenging, they are no holiday! We will work with you to develop skills that will stay with you for the rest of your life, on projects that inspire real change in the world.

More than being at one with the world

We know that, as young people, you are personally invested in the future of the world that we live in. Your time has come to protect it. On our environmental projects you could be working to conserve some of our oldest rainforest, helping humans and wildlife peacefully side by side or carrying our surveys to support research into some of the world’s least explored areas. As part of this inspiring project you will be living and working in remote and stunning locations in some of the most naturally diverse parts of the world.

More than meeting other cultures

On a Raleigh expedition you don’t just “see” and “meet” and “pass through” a country, you experience daily life completely immersed in a new culture. Raleigh’s community projects give you the unique opportunity to work and live alongside local people. You could be working on a project that helps provide access to safe water and sanitation or health and education facilities as well as raising awareness of health and hygiene. Every day you’ll be cooking local food, playing games and becoming accustomed to new cultural traditions side by side with the local community.

Are you a “more than” person? Then Raleigh is looking for you.

A Raleigh expedition is more than your average adventure. It’s life changing. For you, and for others.

Recruiting now for 2015 expeditions.

Raleigh International is a sustainable development charity. We look for young people that care about making the world a better place. We work with communities living in poverty around the world in collaboration with NGOs and project partners in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, Borneo and Tanzania.